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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Move My Plants?

Movers cannot accept responsibility for safely moving your plants because they may suffer from a lack of water and light as well as probable temperature changes while in the van. You may prefer to transport your house plants in the family car.

How And When Should I Pay?

Tariff provisions require that all charges be paid before your shipment is unloaded at destination (unless prior arrangements have been made for later billing). Payment for your move can be made by one of the following methods: cash or cashier's check. In addition, the Visa or MasterCard can be used too (with advance approval). Personal checks are not accepted.

How soon should I book my mover?

The earlier the better. Our crews get booked up, especially at month ends and beginnings. The sooner you book the more guaranteed you are to get the time slot you desire for your move.

Can I pack my own items?

Yes. We are very flexible on packing. You can do some or all of the packing. You may
choose to have our pack crew do it all for you. Either way we will make sure you are well
taken care of

How is my furniture protected during the move?

Our crews will wrap your furniture with cloth moving blankets during your move. Each truck has over 100 blankets on board

How much will the move cost?

The cost of your long distance move (in excess of 200 km) is based on the weight of the items that are to be moved and the distance they will be travelling. Your estimate will outline all of the services needed for your move and their associated costs.

Local moves are priced on an hourly basis and are based on the time it will take to pack, load, and deliver your shipment and the labor required. Travel time to and from your residence will also be charged

Do you use any moving equipment?
All of our trucks are fully equipped with special blankets, dollies, ramps etc

What type of paperwork do I need for cross border moving?

There is additional paperwork that is necessary in order for household goods to cross into the U.S.A. Our staff. will supply this paperwork and help you to complete any forms

Is there anything we are not allowed to move?

Shipping of flammables, corrosives, explosives, and most liquids are not allowed. This includes but is not exclusive to paints, solvents, aerosol cans, gasoline, matches, butane or propane, lighter fluid, kerosene, bleach, liquid Drano, paint stripper, car batteries, acids, antifreeze, motor oil, propane and diving tanks, ammunition, flare, fireworks, chemistry sets, fire extinguishers, propane-powered cars, beer or wines.

How long will it take to move my goods?

There are many factors affecting the length of time it takes for a shipment to travel from origin to destination: the distance, weight of the shipment, government regulations in the National Safety Code, Customs, weather, road conditions, and the need for ferries during transit. Allow extra time and be flexible when planning your moving schedule

How does the driver keep track of my goods?

All items in your home will be inventoried on load day. Items are numbered and a brief description of the condition is listed on the inventory sheet. On delivery, you will check off each number as the corresponding item enters your home